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Energy should not just be seen as a cost to your business; managed correctly it can be used to gain considerable long term advantage over your competition. At Greensphere, we call this strategy ‘Energy Independence’ to help you drive new growth, manage risks and become sustainable.

For many years our award winning service has been helping hundreds of businesses all over the UK to achieve their ‘Energy Independence’, turning a commodity that is commonly seen as a business expense into serious competitive advantage.

With sought-after financial, environmental and business continuity benefits, Greensphere are the experts for driving these into your business, providing a full turnkey solution that supports and delivers all of your energy ambitions;

Go Green

Go Green

  • Meet Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) targets
  • Leverage supply chain opportunities
  • Energy regulation compliance
  • Stakeholder communication
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Go Save

Go Save

  • Reduce energy unit, DUoS and triad charges by up to 100%
  • Protection against energy price rises
  • Competitive ROI
  • Long term P&L forecasting
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Go Zero

Go Zero

  • Energy security – generate up to 100% of your own electricity
  • Protection from future ‘brown outs’
  • Business continuity
  • Improved energy management
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