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It’s an unsettling reality that the National Grid has insufficient generation capacity to comfortably meet the rising energy demands of the India. With priority given to homes, businesses will certainly be hit with ‘brown outs’ during periods of low supply, leaving your company to consider the cost of going offline against the ability to be self-sufficient by generating your own electricity onsite.

Having the means to reduce or eliminate your reliance on the grid and become energy independent is a huge commercial benefit that can keep your business operational in the event of future issues affecting the supply of energy to your business;

Energy Security

  • Generate up to 100% of the electricity onsite that you would normally import from the grid
  • Reduce or eliminate your reliance on the grid and become self-sufficient

Business Continuity

  • Keep your business online during any ‘brown out’ enforcements
  • Prevent disruption to your supply chain partners by continuing to fulfil your contractual obligations

How Greensphere Can Help You ‘Go Zero’

  • Work with you to design and engineer a bespoke energy technology solution (such as solar PV) that is matched to your business’ energy consumption and provides you with the least reliance on buying power in from the National Grid all year round.
  • Established and trusted relationships with the District Network Operators (DNO) to ensure quicker grid connection approvals, in addition to directly negotiating solutions for any export limitation or required grid upgrades.
  • Ensure your systems are future proof for new innovations such as battery storage.
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