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With increasing pressure from the Government and society for greener business, ‘going green’ has now become essential to differentiate your business in the market and to remain competitive. Whilst reducing your carbon emissions is a credible practice to offset the environmental impact of your company’s operations, the reasons and benefits of going green are much more diverse.

Whether your business is at the start of its ‘green’ journey or looking to build on its existing strategy, there are several objectives that drive businesses to employ green solutions;

Quantifiable CSR Targets

  • Offsetting x tonnes of CO2 per year
  • Reducing CO2 emissions by x % by 20xx
  • Making your site carbon neutral
  • Generating x %of your annual electricity consumption onsite

Supply Chain Management

  • Demonstrate green leadership in your line of business;
  • Strengthen existing relationships and create new opportunities with eco- conscious distributors

Energy Regulation Compliance

  • Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)
  • Building Regulations for new builds
  • Carbon Reduction Commitment Scheme

Stakeholder Communication

  • Shareholders
  • Customers
  • Suppliers and distributors
  • Staff

How Greensphere Can Help you ‘Go Green’

  • Work with you to design and engineer a bespoke energy technology solution (such as solar PV) that makes a measurable and meaningful contribution towards your business’ CSR target.
  • Ensure the right solution is implemented to meet and exceed any compliance demands.
  • Give you the means to monitor the performance of your system and support you with any communication strategies.
  • Provide ongoing operation and maintenance support for the lifetime of your system to ensure that you continue to deliver year on year benefits.
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