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Greensphere specialise in a range of energy technologies to provide flexible energy solutions for your business. Driving the market through innovation, our energy technology products are specified bespoke to the needs and goals of your business.

Greensphere provide a full turnkey service to install a range of energy technologies that give your business flexible solutions for generating, storing and consuming energy onsite. We have excellent relationships with some of the World’s biggest technology manufacturers, meaning that we are able to engineer solutions with the market’s leading products.

Each technology brings its own range of benefits and by using multiple technologies together, can transform your site in to a ‘smart grid’ that delivers energy independence.

View our glossary of energy terms to learn more about the various definitions that exist within the industry.

Below is an overview of the key technologies that we specialise in. Click a technology for further details.

Solar Panels

Roof-mounted solar PV panels allow you to generate green electricity for consumption onsite. Converting the suns rays in to AC electricity during daylight hours, a good solar PV installation can generate electricity for over 25 years, particularly when supported by a proactive operation and maintenance service. Solar panels can be installed on south, east and west facing roofs that are unaffected by shading.

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Battery Storage

Commercial battery storage can be installed in conjunction with solar PV, in part charging the battery with excess generation, or used purely as an income generator to provide grid services (frequency response) to the National grid. Batteries can also be charged from the grid when energy is cheap and released back in to the business during more expensive periods. Operating the battery this way will reduce DuOS and triad charges.

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Solar Carports

In addition to the benefits of solar PV, solar carports create an enhanced parking experience for your staff, visitors and customers. The canopies – used to install solar panels – protect vehicles from the elements and also create opportunity to install Electric Vehicle charging points; green energy charging green vehicles. All solar carports are engineered bespoke to the layout and generation potential of your car park.

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EV Charging Stations

Installing EV charging stations onsite gives you the facility to charge electric vehicles, whether this is your own commercial fleet or those of your staff/visitors; or both. Various charging speeds are available to accommodate different levels of demand. Incentivised by the Government, Electric vehicle ownership is increasing rapidly and EV charging facilities will be expected at all commercial locations for personal and commercial use.

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HV & LV Infrastructure

HV and LV (high voltage and low voltage) infrastructure has a key role to play in maximising the efficiency of an industrial facility. If your business lacks the proper infrastructure or if your current infrastructure is in need of an update, you could be spending more money than necessary to power your machinery and technology. Greensphere’s team can manage the entire planning, installation and upkeep process for HV and LV infrastructure.

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Deployment of solar PV has soared since the 1990’s when the first grid connected arrays were installed. With huge advancements in the market, today, solar technology is more sophisticated and reliable than ever; falling prices have also made it the cheapest way for a business to consume energy compared to importing ‘brown energy’ from the grid.

The recent viability of battery storage in a commercial environment is also a game-changer. The eagerly awaited technology now gives businesses another option for better managing their energy onsite, whilst also providing an option to provide valued services to the National Grid.

Your competitors are already making the investment, so contact us today to discuss how you can take your own steps towards energy independence.


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