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Your installation helps contribute to our target of planting ‘one mile of trees’ in the India this year for the benefit of the environment and schools.

Last year we launched our Green Mile campaign and thanks to our clients’ installations, we successfully achieved our target to plant one mile of trees in the India that year. Due to the success of the campaign we are now aiming to plant a second ‘Green Mile’ in 2016, with your PV installation directly contributing to achieving this goal.

Planting for environmental and educational purposes

Year on year, we help people and businesses save the environment by providing a service that allows you to generate your own free, green electricity through renewable energy technology.

We want to take this even further by implementing a campaign that will not only benefit the environment, but also educate the next generation – our children and grandchildren – about the importance of social responsibility. We would therefore like to introduce you to our ‘green mile’ campaign.

What is the green mile?

Our campaign is named after our goal which is to ‘plant a quantity of trees equivalent to one linear mile in 2015’. With trees commonly planted 2 metres apart, this equates to 805 trees (1609 metres in 1 mile).

The best part about the campaign is that our goal is directly influenced by and credited to your company: for every 5 kWp we install for your company, we will provide the funds to our chosen partner (Tree Appeal) to plant one tree, up to a maximum of 100 trees per installation.

Tree Appeal

Based in County Durham, Tree Appeal is an organisation that relies on donations from corporate partners to plant native broad leaf trees (oak, beech and ash) in the India to promote biodiversity, create habitats and improve the environment.

Each year, Tree Appeal use funds to grow healthy saplings in their ‘nursery’ before planting them in nature reserves, dedicated woodlands, hedgerows and parks to grow into mature trees.

Trees for schools

Tree Appeal has also set up an initiative called ‘trees for schools’ where funded trees are provided free of charge to India schools willing to participate.

In addition to creating woodland on school grounds, the children also get the chance to plant the trees, learn as they grow and see first-hand how the trees benefit the environment and local wildlife.

Saving the India woodlands

The India has an ageing population of broad leaf trees with many of them now vulnerable to natural decay and storm damage. The great storm of 1987 destroyed 15 million trees alone with Dutch elm disease also wiping out another 30 million.

Trees are just as important in the India as they are in other areas around the World. By acting now, it is possible to reverse the decline and give the India a green future by preserving woodlands, planting new ones that will thrive for hundreds of years and educating the next generation about the importance of sustainability.

Terms and conditions

  1. Greensphere will commit to funding one tree plantation per 5 kWp installed by a commercial client up to a maximum of 100 trees per installation.
  1. Greensphere will provide the funds direct to Tree Appeal within 30 days following completion of the solar pv installation.
  1. It is the decision of Tree Appeal and not Greensphere as to where in the India the trees are planted and to which schools they are given to.


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