Fronius Lease

Greensphere has partnered with Fronius to present a lease scheme which allows you to benefit from cash flow positive solar every year. This solution will provide your business with financial savings, carbon reductions and energy independence. It provides the ability to benefit from a fully maintained solar PV system which is designed, supplied, installed and maintained by Greensphere. During this time, electricity produced by the system can either be used for self-consumption or exported back to the grid with any excess tariffs paid to you. The equal monthly repayments are financed by the savings on your electricity costs and the lease is structured to be cash positive in year 1, for the full term.

What is a Fronius lease?

What makes this offer unique is that Fronius are the only inverter company offering this lease agreement. With no upfront investment required and the ability to benefit from the proceeds of exporting to the grid. Take advantage of a Performance Guarantee on the system over a 15 year period after purchase options will be available, while you enjoy the solar-powered electricity for the life of the solar system, typically 25+ years.

Difference between Power Purchase Agreement and Fronius

While both offer no upfront fees or ongoing service fees, bringing savings straight away – a Fronius Lease is a much shorter offering. For businesses that are uncertain about how long they are going to stay in the same property, this offering is over a 15 year period, compared to a PPA that are typically a minimum 20 year agreement. This is ideal for those businesses who are looking for a short – term commitment for no upfront investment.


Benefits of a Fronius Lease

  • Solar PV system | the solar PV system will be fully funded by Fronius. Designed, supplied, installed and maintained by Greensphere, a market leading solar company.
  • Zero cost ’green’ credentials | a zero cost route to reducing your company’s carbon emissions while enhancing relations with eco-conscious customers and suppliers
  • Guaranteed savings on energy bills | electricity generated by your PV system is free to use and will offset the grid-purchased energy while repaying the fixed cost lease.
  • No maintenance costs | Greensphere will maintain the systems, the costs are included in monthly repayments.
  • Production Guarantee | Fronius will monitor the performance of the system and will ensure the PV System produces a guaranteed minimum amount of kilowatt hours during the duration of the lease agreement.
  • Installation | The Greensphere team will conduct a detailed analysis of your roof, construction type, orientation and pitch in addition to assessing your current electricity infrastructure, usage and bills to ensure you are a suitable candidate for their lease agreement.
  • Tailoring | Each client will receive a uniquely tailored energy plan to match their specific energy usage in the aim of achieving the highest possible self-consumption.

Do you qualify for a Fronius lease?

Greensphere’s team will conduct a detailed analysis of your current load and design a system to optimize self-consumption – this, in turn, will provide maximum benefit during the duration of the contract between your business and Fronius.

We are happy to discuss your suitability for this Lease option.

About Fronius

Since 1945, Fronius’ passion for new technologies, intensive research and revolutionary solutions has grown making them a technology leader, designing products to last a lifetime in the harshest conditions, making them highly successful in the field of solar photovoltaic technology.

By having a clear vision, an unremittingly inventive spirit and an ingrained sense of quality, today, Fronius export over 90% of their products through 24 international subsidiaries and sales distributors in more than 60 countries. The company has over 1,200 granted patents and more than 3,800 employees.

Privately owned, Fronius offers customers security and confidence in their purchases. Financially stable and assigned with the best possible risk indicator of 1* by Dun and Bradstreet, it’s clear that Fronius stands for a secure partnership.

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